The Campaign

5 candidates remain. (Photo via Tribktla)

Five Candidates Remain in Highly Contested Race for Presidency

STORY BY: Breton Hawkins Donald Trump Unless something drastic changes, Donald Trump will win the Republican Primary. He is well on his way to reaching the required 1,237 delegates needed to win the first round of ballot votes at the Republican convention. The Never Trump campaign by Republicans to avoid…

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What the Candidates Need to Win the Presidency

STORY BY: Breton Hawkins The Politician is back after a brief hiatus during Teacher Madness. The race for the White House has started to narrow down as the frontrunners solidify their leads. The Republican’s still in the race are Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. On the Democratic side…

Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a rally in Fort Worth, TX. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Seven Things The Politician Learned at the Donald Trump Rally

STORY BY: Grant Baker (DISCLAIMER: I am not a political expert, so please do not take any of this seriously. My satirical observations do not reflect the views or opinions of anyone The Politician or The Rider Online besides my own) In many ways, Donald Trump and I are very…