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Opinion: Why the System Doesn’t Give Third Party Candidates A Chance

STORY BY: Ben Schnuck With only about three weeks until the first presidential debate, the campaign heats up. With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dominating the media, there are some other alternatives being left in the dust. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, two of the third party candidates, have been…

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The Hillary Clinton Health Scandal

STORY BY: Ben Schnuck For months, Donald Trump, the GOP presidential candidate, has been making comments about his opponent’s health. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, has been accused of being sick by the Trump campaign and “frail” by the Trump Co-chair. This movement criticizing Clinton’s health has been…

Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are the third candidates running for the presidency in November.

Third Party Candidates: Jill Stein vs. Gary Johnson

STORY BY: Ben Schnuck With the presidential election being only 2 months away, people are growing more and more concerned over the two major party frontrunners: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With email scandals, over-inflated egos, and strange hairstyles, the american public has every right to be concerned over the…

Major steps have been made to the 2016 election with each party's candidates being officially nominated.  (Modifications have been made on this photo by DonkeyHotey on

Summer 2016 Politics Recap

STORY BY: Grant Baker The Politician took a hiatus for the summer. It missed you. Here’s this summer in politics: DONALD TRUMP IS YOUR 2016 REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE This July, at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Donald J. Trump was nominated to represent their party in this year’s election….

5 candidates remain. (Photo via Tribktla)

Five Candidates Remain in Highly Contested Race for Presidency

STORY BY: Breton Hawkins Donald Trump Unless something drastic changes, Donald Trump will win the Republican Primary. He is well on his way to reaching the required 1,237 delegates needed to win the first round of ballot votes at the Republican convention. The Never Trump campaign by Republicans to avoid…


What the Candidates Need to Win the Presidency

STORY BY: Breton Hawkins The Politician is back after a brief hiatus during Teacher Madness. The race for the White House has started to narrow down as the frontrunners solidify their leads. The Republican’s still in the race are Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. On the Democratic side…