Angelina Vinson

Alumni Angelina Vinson joined the Marine Corps a month after graduating in 2014. After finishing boot camp, Vinson became a food specialist and moved to Okinawa, Japan.


“I’m much more confident and enjoy life,” Vinson said. “I am more adventurous and comfortable with myself as a person.”


In high school, Vinson took culinary classes at Ben Barber and participated in debate and journalism.


“I have gotten married; no kids in the near future hopefully, we have too much we wanna do first,” Vinson said. “Life is great. I’m 20, living in another country with a completely different culture.”


Now Vinson cooks for Marines and occasionally for Japanese locals. Vinson plans on returning to the United States once her contract finishes out.


“Enjoy it, high school is easy compared to the real world,” Vinson said. “Be careful who your friends are.”

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