Kaylie Brown

After Kaylie Brown graduated in 2009, she left for TCC and Weatherford College to earn an associates of arts in teaching. After her third semester, Brown decided to pursue a different career. She began attending North Texas School of Swedish Massage.


“I thought my life would go exactly as I planned,” Brown said. “Oh, how I was wrong. I wanted to be married at 23, kids by 25 and be a reading specialist. Here I am almost 26, not married and a massage therapist and birth doula.”


After finishing school, Brown started working as a massage therapist. She continued for two years before switching careers and working as a birth doula. Brown went through ‘birth boot camp’ to train. Now, Brown assists women to have successful births.


“I see a huge changeover myself. Through high school I was very quiet and introverted. Now I am very extroverted. I want to help everyone in any way that I can,” Brown said.


During high school, Brown participated in theater and teen leadership. She currently plans on getting married, continuing her career as a birth doula and helping her doula business.


“Have fun and make memories while you can. High school is the easiest part of your life,” Brown said. “Don’t buy a letterman jacket or class ring. The minute you graduate you will not want to wear them any longer, and I promise your college will not care what high school you went to.”

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