Mireya Martinez

Mireya Martinez graduated in 2009 and continued her education at the University of Texas at Arlington. Martinez majored in public relations and minored in Spanish and sociology.


“Explore as many interests as you can,” Martinez said. “Get involved any way you can and befriend everyone. You will learn so much and be so much better because of it.”


Martinez went on to have an internship with ESPN. Staying in the sports industry, she now works with professional golfers and helps them with their public relations.


“I held up to three jobs at a time during college and that taught me much more than any classroom setting.” Martinez said.


In high school, Martinez wanted to attend the University of North Texas and become a teacher. She participated in student council, National Honor Society and wrote for the newspaper.


“I don’t think I would’ve changed anything,” Martinez said. “I’ve had so many ‘plans’ get completely derailed, but it ended up putting me in a much better place than I could have hoped for.”

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