Sarah Kettles

Alumni Sarah Kettles graduated in 2009, going on to attend the University of Texas at Austin. While there, she received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. While attending Legacy, Kettles participated in band, color guard and key club.


“I expected that I would stay in creative arts, continuing to perform with color guards at a more competitive level for many years,” Kettles said. “Other than that, I had a relaxed approach, assuming that I would learn more about what I liked and didn’t like while in college and before I had to get my first job.”


After her experience with Legacy color guard, Kettles performed with competitive color guards such as The Glassmen, World Class Drum Corps, Identity and Open class. Kettles also taught color guard at Dripping Springs High School.


“My priorities in life have changed too,” Kettles said. “I say no to things I genuinely don’t want to do and prioritize time for family, travel and time for goals that I’m working towards myself. Overall, I have a much stronger sense of self and feel like I know myself a lot better than I did in high school.”


After graduating college, Kettles moved to San Francisco to bike with Texas 4000, a nonprofit organization, from San Francisco to Alaska. Then worked at Facebook on their User Experience Research Team in Menlo Park. The leadership skills acquired in high school spurred Kettles to start leading several clubs and organizations in college. Now at her current job, Airbnb, Kettles leads Women @ Airbnb, a women’s research group that encourages community and helps with career and leadership development.


“I expected by the age of 25 I would be married and already have a house,” Kettles said. “I couldn’t want those two things less right now. I never expected to feel so fulfilled just by doing things that I love and living away from friends and family. I’m genuinely surprised by the path my life has taken, but I think it’s absolutely much better than what I had imagined for myself at 18.”

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