Sophie Lee Morris

Alumni Sophie Lee Morris graduated in 2010, went to Texas Christian University and earned a degree in musical theater. Since then, Morris moved to New York, got married and pursued a career in musical theater.


“I never expected to pursue my dreams in New York,” Morris said. “But, here we are. I love the life I have found, but I also think that happiness is a choice. So, even on the difficult days, and there are many of them, I find joy.”


In high school Morris participated in theater, dance and choir. Now she performs on the national tour of “Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage.” On stage Morris plays a female swing, in addition to an understudy for the characters Baby and Lisa Housman. Off stage Morris acts as the assistant dance captain for the tour.


“Learn to love the unexpected,” Morris said. “Life is going to throw a lot at you and you won’t always be prepared. But, you’ll always come out on the other side with more strength and more knowledge. Roll with the punches.”

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