Trevor Callarman


Alumni Trevor Callarman graduated in 2010 and went to Austin Community College then transferring to Texas State University earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.


What did you Participate in during high school?

“Most notably in high school, I participated in Legacy Theater,” Callarman said. “Our class of 2010 had the privilege of working for the seriously talented Melanie Holmes (Ms. McIntyre), and Jeremy Ferman. Under their tutelage, in 2010 our show Leading Ladies competed at State in the UIL One Act Play competition. In addition to theater, I was on the improv troupe, STUCO, and captain of the Bronco Brigade. On the side, my brother Sean Smith, also Legacy alumni, and I played club volleyball in Dallas.”

What did you learn or experience in high school affect you in college and beyond?

“My high school experience at Legacy was imperative for my future success,” Callarman said. “At Legacy, I was in an environment where I felt comfortable and safe being myself. Some of my friends, classmates, and even teachers from 2010 have described me as “weird, but in a good way”. In some schools, my silly, and sometimes obnoxious behavior may not have been permitted.I dressed as the Grinch and painted my whole body green the day before Christmas break. But not at Legacy. There I was able to present my full personality whether on a stage or otherwise. Now, people I coach or work with describe me in the same way. Legacy taught me that I could work hard, aim for goals, and succeed all while not taking myself too seriously. I believe personal creativity should be included in anything you do in life and I am adamant that I learned that from my experiences in school. I am very grateful to the many teachers, faculty and staff, and friends at Legacy that supported me during my time there.”

What are you doing now?

“Currently, I am the Assistant Volleyball Coach and Recruiting Coordinator at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a NCAA D1 College in Princess Anne, Maryland,” Callarman said. “Coaching volleyball was a natural choice for me. I have always played, coached, and loved the sport. Growing up, I was on the volleyball court all the time. My whole family played so I was exposed to the sport at a relatively very young age, about age 12. Coaching gave an opportunity to combine my passion for volleyball and a desire to connect with people in a way that promotes positive growth.”

What is your advice to current high schoolers?

“My advice to current students is to find mentors, family, friends, colleges, teachers, dogs or anyone else that supports your vision for your future,” Callarman. “Be yourself, enjoy life, and work to be the best version of yourself each day. Ultimately, remember to, ‘Act well your part, there all honor lies,’ Alexander Pope.”

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