Madison Hunter

Alumnus Madison Hunter graduated in 2014 and went to TCC and Tarleton State University. In high school Hunter participated in newspaper and track.


What have you done after high school?

“Alright well for starters I’m close to finishing my associates degree at TCC before I transfer to Tarleton for my education degree,” Hunter said. “One thing that I did not expect after high school was becoming a mother. I had my daughter at 19 which kind of put all of my plans on hold. After struggling for a while to be the best mom, employee and student that I could be, I found work at a learning center. It’s a preschool with quite a few troubled children. Children who at young ages didn’t have the life they need. So now, I have the best life I could possibly have. I don’t have a place of my own yet but I have an amazing job working with kids who need a lot of love. I have an incredible toddler that makes my life perfect.”


What did you do in high school?

“In high school I tried to be everyone,” Hunter said. “I tried to be the popular girl with all of the friends. I tried to be the quiet mysterious girl that no one could quite read into. I tried out for soccer and injured myself so I gave up on sports but then coach Beckler convinced me to join track. I did that from sophomore year through senior and loved it. I joined journalism out of spite (and actually made my entire family proud on accident) and found a nice relaxing place. Newspaper was an incredible experience. As the girl who started high school wanting to be in the news, I found it much more satisfying to be writing the stories about others. Newspaper is how I made 90% of my friends in high school. Track is how I managed the stress of deadlines and unwanted feature stories.”


What are your plans for the future?

“As far as my future, I’d love to get back into writing,” Hunter said. “Going back after my education degree to get a degree in journalism or starting a blog. My main goal is making sure my daughter has the life she deserves. Getting her in school and being the coolest mother ever. Start teaching at an actual school and making an impact on children and giving them an excellent start. I’ve been studying Spanish and ASL so that I can expand my horizons and help children learn who can’t talk or have a hard time understanding English. My future is full of children actually. To be around them and to help them grow as individuals.”


What is your advice to current high schoolers?

“My advice to current high schoolers would be to enjoy it,” Hunter said. “It kind of sucks when you aren’t involved with anything and it’s dreadfully boring at times but after it’s over everything changes. Hopefully for the better in most cases but it still changes. So enjoy high school. It really was a great 4 years of my life. I miss it. A lot of people laugh at the thought that high school would be missed but once its over there will be things that you guys will wish you had done. So enjoy it. Join a club or an extracurricular activity. Do something spontaneous that you will be proud of for the rest of your life.”

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