Nikki Childs

Alumnus Nikki Childs graduated in 2011 and went to Stephen F. Austin University. While in high school Childs participated in cheer, Student Council, FCA and BASIC.


What have you done after high school?
I went straight to Stephen F Austin State University following high school graduation,” Childs said. “I then graduated from Stephen F. Austin in May of 2015 with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. My first summer out of college I got a job in Colorado at a Young Life camp as the camp nurse and then started in October 2015 in the NICU at Cook Children’s. I start in January at TCU for my Doctorate in Nursing Anesthesia.”

What made you want to do what you are doing now?
“I had a minor surgery Senior year of high school and that lead to my desire in the medical field,” Childs said.

What did you learn or experience in high school affect you in college and beyond?
“Yes, I think a person’s drive/ discipline stems from what we learn and experience in high school,” Childs said.

Explain your job now, what you are doing, different aspects of your job.
“I am a nurse at a Level IV Neonatal ICU,” Childs said. “On average, I take care of 1 to 3 patients a day (depending on their acuity level). We care for a range from premature infants (22 gestational age and up), those born with a range of anomalies, those that just need extra help adjusting to extrauterine life, or those that experience trauma shortly after/during birth.”

What are your plans for the future?
“I start the DNP-A program at TCU in January,” Childs said. “It is a 3 year program so I should graduate in December of 2020. Following that, I plan to pass the boards and begin practicing anesthesia.”

What is your advice to current high schoolers?
“My advice to current high schoolers is to keep going,” Childs said. “High school is hard. There are a lot distractions and it can be easy to want to give up. But stay focused on your goals and they will be accomplished.”

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