Sarah Woolsey

Alumnus Sarah Woolsey graduated in 2010 and went to Texas A&M University. While in high school Woolsey participated in NHS, Varsity Choir, and Show Choir.


What have you done after high school?

“After high school, I went to Texas A&M University and graduated with a Biologic Sciences degree in 2014,” Woolsey said. “During my time there, we had a class that was able to expose us to all different types of career paths in the health care field. We heard from medical, dental, optometry, nursing, and many others. A dentist came and talked to us and his testimony really spoke to me, so I decided to pursue a career in dentistry. I got accepted into the University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio School of Dentistry and will graduate with my Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree May 2018. Now during all of this time, I had the support of my high school sweetheart, Tyler Woolsey, who went with me to Texas A&M. We were blessed enough to get married after college in May 2014. Tyler and I (and our 2 pups) are finishing up our time here in San Antonio and will move back to DFW soon.”

What made you want to do what you are doing now?

“Like I said, there was a class at Texas A&M that exposed us to all kinds of health care career options,” Woolsey said. “I always knew that I wanted to help people in that way. I loved math and science so it just seemed like a perfect fit. When Dr. Spears (a faculty member at Baylor College of Dentistry) talked to us about being a dentist and what that career meant to him, I really felt connected to it and wanted to do whatever it took to be a dentist too. It sounds corny, but getting to literally change someone’s smile is such a fantastic service to provide. A patient can walk into my office with tremendous pain, and leave with none.  So not only the esthetic aspects, but also what other field can you turn someone’s day around like that? It’s a great career to get into.”


What did you learn or experience in high school affect you in college and beyond?

“I really learned how to work hard for what I wanted,” Woolsey said. “I took my school seriously in high school and that carried into my undergraduate and professional schooling as well. I learned that what you do in high school matters. High school is really the first step of your career and future, so it matters.”

Explain your job now.

“Right now, I am a 4th year dental student,” Woolsey said. “During this time, we see our own patients 5 days a week. Its basically like being a dentist, just with faculty members there to check in with and there to help when you aren’t sure of something. During the 4th year, our faculty really pushes us to do more than just fillings, crowns, and cleanings. We are able to do more surgery, extractions, crown lengthening, dentures, and much more. I was actually accepted into a special implant program that allows a select group of seniors to surgically place implants (something that is usually reserved for oral surgery or periodontal residents). That has been a great experience.”


What are your plans for the future?

“Well I graduate from dental school in May 2018,” Woolsey said. “My husband and I plan to move back to DFW where we will both work and hopefully start a family soon. Both our parents are super excited for us to be back home.”


What is your advice to current high schoolers?

“My advice would be to take school seriously, but don’t forget to enjoy it,” Woolsey said. “You can work hard without knowing what you want to do with your life or where you want to go to school. However, while you are working so hard, don’t forget to have fun. High school goes by so fast and you want to look back and remember the good times with your friends, not just those nights you spent studying.”


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