Whittney Davis

Alumnus Whittney Davis graduated in 2010 and went to the University of North Texas and Texas Christian University. While in high school Davis participated in cheer.


What have you done after high school?

“I graduated in 2010,” Davis said. “I began my college career at the University of North Texas, had no idea what I wanted to do and decided to take a break to figure that out.  I returned to school a few years ago and now I am currently at Texas Christian University majoring in Early Childhood Education.”


What made you want to do what you are doing now?

“I began as a nursing major, but found my passion for teaching a few years later through observing my mother, who is a teacher, and changed my major to education after a semester at TCU,” Davis said.


What did you learn or experience in high school affect you in college and beyond?

High school is fleeting and it may seem like everything right now, but you’ll soon realize its not,” Davis said. “College or really any experience after high school, every choice you make does affect your future; but you are in control. In high school you aren’t so much because you have teachers and parents right there. After high school it is all your choices and navigating new experiences on your own. That can be terrifying, I know, but I would not change where my life is today because my choices have made me who I am today.”


What are your plans for the future?

“I graduate in 2 years and plan to work as a third grade teacher,” Davis said.


What is your advice to current high schoolers?

“Take your time, do not worry or be surprised when your plans for your life do not go as you had planned, and most importantly, do not be afraid to change your mind,” Davis said. “I had no idea after graduating high school my life would be where it is today. Be flexible, do not be afraid to challenge yourself and take the risks that will lead you toward the goal you want in your life.  I did, many times, and am happier and more excited about where my life is going now then I was a few years ago. Life can be scary, especially the unknown, but it is the best.”

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