Brandon Snailer

Alumnus Bandon Snailer graduated in 2013 and enlisted in the Army. While in high school Snailer participated in JROTC and played on the Tennis Team. His contract with the Army ends in January.


“It definitely put my life on the right track but I am happy to be done with the military,” Snailer said.


While in the Army, Snailer earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Texas Tech University. Snailer worked as a medic in the army, leading him to work towards this degree.


“I enjoy the field because it inherently makes big changes, or conducts research for big changes, in public policy,” Snailer said. “For example, right now I’m piloting a program that is designed to combat diabetes. This is how I can make the world a better place on a much larger scale so I’m happy I chose this field and I am applying to medical school next year to further my interests in the field.”


Snailer now attends the University of Washington in hopes to earn a Master’s degree in Public Health.


“If I had to give advice to my younger counterparts, I feel like the most important lesson I’ve learned is that before you can really be happy with your life, you have to find your passions,” Snailer said. “It might take you a while, you might have setbacks, and you might spend time on things that don’t pan out. None of it is a waste of time though; You’re learning more about the world around you and more about yourself. The other similar piece of advice is that you don’t have to choose just one, you can pursue multiple interests.”


Recently Snailer has taken three trips with Habitat for Humanity, umpires for Little League baseball games, and works toward earning his skydiving and pilot licenses.


“Really, you just have to find the target you’re shooting for and then the rest will fall into place as long as you’re willing to work for it,” Snailer said.

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