Jason Thompson

Alumnus Jason Thompson graduated in 2009 and went to Texas Wesleyan University. While in high school Thompson played on the baseball team, UIL spelling team and football.


What have you done after high school?

“After high school, I attended Texas Wesleyan University,” Thompson said. “In December 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance. Career-wise, I worked several odd jobs throughout college. I worked as a server at various TGI Friday’s locations, and for one year I was a Resident Assistant on campus at TWU. If you are able, I would recommend working as an RA during college. Your mileage may vary depending on where you go to school, but generally, your room and board is covered in addition to any paychecks you may receive. Toward the end of my degree, a classmate mentioned an opening for an internship in the Accounts Payable department at XTO Energy in downtown Fort Worth. I had heard great things about XTO and they had just been acquired by ExxonMobil, so I was immediately interested in getting my foot in the door there. The internship also counted toward my degree and decreased my course load, so I was very excited to get the call back from them saying I got the job. When I graduated at the end of 2013, I was fortunate enough to receive a full-time offer of employment in the XTO Procurement organization as an Inventory Accountant. I worked at XTO from 2014 – November of 2017. In November of 2017, I joined Citi as a Sr. Inventory Management Support Specialist in their IT organization. More important than all of that,  I married my wife Katie on May 9, 2015. Katie is also a part of the LHS Class of 2009. 2015 was a big year – we got married and bought our first home. We live in South Arlington but our house is zoned for Mansfield schools”


What did you learn or experience in high school that affected you in college and beyond?

“To be honest, high school was just the beginning of my learning experience,” Thompson said. “It provided me with a foundation to go out and be successful in the real world but I am still learning every day. So I guess that’s a long winded way of saying your education is never over. Skills that I learned being part of a team and working in groups have certainly affected my life beyond college and enabled me to succeed in the workplace.”


Explain your job now.

“I am about 2 months into my new role at Citi,” Thompson said. “In a nutshell, the group I am in maintains the global IT asset inventory database. We are responsible for tracking the entire lifecycle of a given asset, from purchase to retirement. We track all kinds of IT equipment – desktop computers, servers, printers, etc. I am still training and learning about this role so that is about as deep as I can go for this job. In my previous role at XTO I had similar responsibilities as far as asset tracking, but instead of tracking IT equipment I was responsible for tracking oil and gas equipment. A big part of my job was traveling to our remote storage locations and performing physical inventories. We would use the physical inventories to reconcile our inventory database and account for any missing or extra inventory. I saw so much of the United States that I never thought I would in that job. It took me all across the continent- Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and even Canada, just to name a few. Most of the locations were remote too, so I had a lot of time with just me, the radio and the road. I amassed a lot of frequent flier miles. This part of the job was fun at first but the longer I did it the more it started to wear on me, so change has been good.”


What are your plans for the future?

“Enjoy my time with Katie,” Thompson said. “We love to travel. So far we have taken a big trip every year for our anniversary, with several little get-aways sprinkled in between. We may not always be able to travel so we are getting the most out of that while we can. In my career, I aim to continue to learn and grow as much as I can. My career has taken me to unexpected places and I am enjoying the new experience that brings.”



“Value the friendships that are important to you, and don’t get caught up in the superficiality of high school,” Thompson said. “As your life goes on, things that you thought were important in high school really weren’t important at all. And that’s something you won’t learn until you’ve already moved on. Then you’ll be the one filling out this interview telling the current high schoolers the same thing. Also, you never know when your future spouse may be sitting a few desks over, so keep your head on a swivel.”

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