Shakia Walker

Alumnus Shakia Walker graduated in 2010 and went to Tarrant County College and University of North Texas.


What have you done after high school?

“High school taught me a lot about myself but I didn’t fully discover who I am until after my high school years,” Walker said. “After High School I attended college at TCC to complete my core classes. After completion, I took a break from college and I started working with Special Needs students in Mansfield ISD. I worked for MISD for four wonderful years and I developed a strong passion to teach and also mentor girls. I am now a inspiration, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion blogger, a YouTuber (, and I am near completion of my bachelor’s degree at The University of North Texas. After college graduation, I will earn my Teaching certification and I would like to go back to my home district and teach in MISD.”


What are your plans for the future?

“Although I am still completing my college education, my advice to current high school students is to push through your doubts, fears, and even your laziness,” Walker said. “Chase after your goals, and achieve them. Education is important but it is important to know that it will never be too late to get a college education. Believe that you can, speak that you can, and work towards your goals and you will succeed. Never give up, much love to all of you.”

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