Madison Fountain

Alumnus Madison Fountain graduated in 2014. Fountain went to the University of Oklahoma.


What have you done since high school?

“I went straight to OU and received my BFA in Drama with an emphasis in Acting in Dec 2017,” Fountain said.


What did you participate in high school?

“In high school I was involved in the drama department and host of the improv troupe, as well as being on staff for newspaper and as personalities editor senior year,” Fountain said.


What did you learn in high school that affected you later in life?

“What I learned in high school that helped with stuff later in life: how to coexist with people whose ideals often differ largely from my own,” Fountain said. “I was planning on moving as far from the bible belt as possible, but things never go according to plan. Being patient is key.”


What is your advice to high schoolers?

“Advice to high schoolers: stop freaking out about stuff, you are a kid,” Fountain said. “I didn’t miss school even when I was sick because I wanted perfect attendance for final exemptions. I put so much pressure on myself to be a perfect candidate for colleges, I didn’t take a minute to breathe and figure out who I was. Chill out. It’s high school. Also social anxiety in high school sucks. You feel stuck and awkward and crazy for not wearing Miss Me’s or going to every football game. Do you, boo. Have fun.”

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