William Stout

Alumnus William Stout graduated in 2016 and went to Universal Technical Institute. While in high school Stout participated in JROTC and Ben Barber automotive classes.


What have you done after high school?

“Three months after high school I started attending classes at Universal Technical Institute for automotive and high performance technologies,” Stout said. “After a year and half of classes I graduated and started working full time at Arlington automotive machine shop with other part time automotive jobs while attending classes.”


What made you want to do what you are doing now?

“There has been many influences in my life that have directed me to the career path I chose, but the main one would have to be my neighbors,” Stout said. “Ever since I was little I always heard loud noises coming from their backyard. Little did I know that those noises were a 1969 Ford Mustang drag race car. Ever since I could understand what it actually was I knew I became addicted to cars. And the second biggest influence would be my best friend Ryan and his brother Jonathan who I have helped build many of other race cars with since my sophomore year of high school.”


What did you learn or experience in high school affect you in college and beyond?

“In high school I learned that not everyone is really your friend, they may seem like it until you walk across the stage and never hear from them again,” Stout said. “The lesson to be learned from that is always keep an eye on who you trust with the most important things in your life like secrets and trust because you never know who is actually on your side or not.”


Explain your job now, what you are doing, different aspects of your job.

“The job I have now at Arlington automotive machine shop is basically what the name is,” Stout said. “I fix and repair broken and worn out engines. The customer brings us the engine and the first thing I  do is get it tear it apart and clean it for inspection. Once cleaned I make sure that nothing is cracked and is still structurally sound I determine if the cylinders are perfectly round and all the surfaces are flat. If not we tell the customer what needs to be done and if they approve then we start fixing everything in increments of 1/1000th of an inch at a time.”


What are your plans for the future?

“As of right now my plans are to continue working full time in hopes that one day soon be able to afford a house to which I can start a family with my girlfriend of two years and hopefully if god willing have my own business building and machining high performance racing engines,” Stout said.


What is your advice to current high schoolers?

“Don’t blink,” Stout said. “Four years may seem like a long time but it’s not. You start your fist day of high school and blink once and you’re a senior walking across the stage in front of thousands of your friends and their families. Also find friends that you can be close enough to to be able to call them family because if something ever happens in life you can always count on them to be there. No matter how hard life can make you struggle never ever lose sight of your dreams because one day it’ll all pay off for the better of things.”

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